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Environmental Validation Solutions
HEPA Filters

We supply HEPA filters to protect sensitive advanced manufacturing processes, prevent microbiological contamination in research labs and eliminate infectious airborne contaminants in the healthcare and life science sectors.

Our filters are tested to EN 1822:2009 and ISO 29463 standards.

These filters help protect against devastating health and financial consequences, as caused by a manufacturing process that contaminates food or an infectious virus spreads outside a research lab.

Let us know about your application and we can use our extensive knowledge and expertise to use the most suitable HEPA for your project.

Environmental Validation Solutions

Spare Parts

As well as stocks of HEPA Filters we supply OEM Fans, Electronics, and Spares for all makes of LEV, Fume Cupboard, and Microbiological Safety Cabinet.

All parts are OEM sourced or where an identical (but cheaper) off the shelf part is identified and available for shorter lead time and expedited repair or shipping.

We currently stock over 100 HEPA filters at our storage facility to help reduce down time for our customers.

We have also an extensive stock of parts for many makes and types of equipment.

These range from main PCB's to airflow sensors right down to hinges and handles.

We also specialise in refurbishment of older model MSC electronics and have a stock ready to fit on a serviceable core exchange basis.

Environmental Validation Solutions

Carbon Filters

We supply Carbon Filters that are manufactured using a high quality activated carbon. this guarantees consistency of performance for adsorption capacity and particle size.

The structure of activated carbon results in an extremely large surface area, resulting in large volume adsorption of airborne organic contaminants so that your new filter lasts as long as possible.

In addition to standard activated carbon, we supply a range of impregnated activated carbons with an optimised mix for the adsorption of Acids, Ammonia, Amines, Formaldehyde, and other Compounds.

If you also need to remove particulates in combination to fumes and vapours a HEPA filter may be used in series with a Carbon Filter.

We also supply HEPA filters for most applications.

Let us know about your application and we can use our extensive knowledge and expertise to use the most suitable activated carbon for your project.

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