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MIcrobiological Safety Cabinet
VHP decontamination
  • Airflow measurements

  • Airflow visualisation

  • Aerosol photometry (DOP)

  • Particle counting

  • KI Discus containment (Operator / Aperture Protection)

  • Enhanced "in use" containment testing

  • Fume cupboard containment testing (SF6)

  • Category 3 Containment suite sealability testing

  • Category 4 Containment suite sealability testing

  • Physical inspections including ductwork where applicable

  • Fault diagnosis and remedial action

  • VHP equipment fumigation


Maintenance, Validation and Certification

We can tailor maintenance programmes to your needs.

Annual / bi-annual visits can be arranged at your convenience


​Microbiological Safety Cabinets

We test and validate MSC's to BSEN12469:2000 as a minimum

We also carry out routine KI Discus®  containment testing to BS5726:1992

Available Services 

cleanroom validation
Environmental Validation Solutions
Fume Cupboard

LEV Examination and Testing

Common types of LEV system used in Schools,Colleges and Industry include:

  • Ducted Fume Cupboards

  • Recirculating / Filtered Fume Cupboards

  • Fume Extract Arms and Hoods

  • Dust Extract Systems for Woodworking

  • Fume Extraction Systems for Metalworking

  • Laser Cutter Fume Extraction

  • Solder Extract Fume Extraction

  • Chemical Stores Rooms & Cabinets

  • Microbiological Safety Cabinets

  • Gas storage cabinets


Cleanroom Validation

We carry out cleanroom validation for MHRA licensed facilities and offer a complete range of testing including:


  • Air volume measurement and air change rates

  • Unidirectional air velocity measurement

  • HEPA filter integrity testing (DOP and Particle Count)

  • Room differential pressure (overpressures) measurement

  • Airflow visualisation

  • Clean-down recovery test

  • Temperature, Noise, Humidity, Light monitoring and Uniformity mapping

  • Containment and induction leak test


Biological Decontamination 


(Laboratory Equipment Biological Decontamination Service) 

is a Bespoke Biological Decontamination Service and is often required for pharmaceutical, healthcare and research facilities where high levels of cleanliness are required to prevent a risk to well being via exposure to biological pathogens.

These facilities include:


  • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Production Areas (Aseptic)

  • CL3 and CL4 Containment Laboratories

  • Hospital Isolation & Critical Care Areas

  • Tissue Culture Laboratories 

  • Animal and Research Laboratories

  • laboratory equipment ie. Incubators and Safety Cabinets.

  • We currently employ VHP fumigation systems by: Bioquell® and Steris®

  • Significant recent investment brings our decontamination kit number to ten.

  • This enables every engineer to have a decon kit to hand should the need arise.

  • This also gives us the ability to carry out multiple decontamination's with the available extra kits.




The team with our Bioquell® LEBDS sytems

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